October 2, 2018

Rebellion Episode 19: Duel of the Lake

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Click successfully locates the rest of his crew at MAHARO'S DIM SUM AND GAMBLING HOUSE, and quickly comes up with a plan. Maharo will help them gain access to the mysterious planet GAND, while Click continues to protect the DRALL SCIENTISTS aboard the SPICE WOLF.

The crew then heads to DANTOOINE, the help their old friend JEDI MASTER ZECK. Zeck agrees to fight the Gand Inquisitor VOCKAR in exchange for Click's help killing the inquisitor on Dantooine. But tensions run high as the Jedi children confront their master, feeling lost and abandoned.

Will light prevail? Or is the dark side too powerful?

Join us as we find out in Episode 19: DUEL OF THE LAKE



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