Our second episode with Leslie (@LeslitGS) has Kith, Click, Kaz and the crew on their way to see Hedgehog, Kith's contact on Tatooine.

Kith and Rush look for Joza. Coby does the impossible, again.


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December 24, 2019


From our Patreon exclusive episodes, Matt and I play as ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN, two Dragonborn searching for adventure. It is GMed by Lesile, from Heroes of the Hydian Way (@TheHydianWay) and she does a great job! Us? Eh...

Thank you patrons for being so great about us releasing the patron content every now and again, and thanks to ALL OF YOU for being our listeners.

Here's to a great 2020!

Meet Joza. She's from the Clan Ordo.

She's also a Mandalorian.

This episode occurs at the same time as episodes 4 and 5.


Special thanks to Lesile (@LeslitGS) from Heroes of the Hydian Way! (@TheHydianWay)


Click has a showdown with reigning champion Stycho Zeppelcor on Malastare.

Click takes the crew to Onderon to save their old friend Marina 


Click and K'az continue their battle with the nefarious Fuser, Slaw Zunlogh!

...it's okay if you're confused, we never actually say his name in the episode.



The Crusaders arrive on BAVVA to get help from their old friend General Magwa of the Fifth Fleet. Ah, ah, ah.

The last member of the crew arrives to help Click and K'az on their journey. Jinko gets K'az up to speed. Tazi works on a familiar old ship. K'az gets some parting words of wisdom.

Click and K'az rush towards the crashed X-Wing. Everything is going to change forever.

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