Cygnus and Kelsi figure out the source of the Euclidianizing.

Buy TRANSIT RPG here!:


Cygnus and Kelsi discover more about what's causing the cubism.


The starship NORTHERN CROSS has been sent to investigate missing vessels, with its AI CYGNUS VALENCE in command. Accompanying Cygnus on this mission is the support station CELESTIAL NIGHTINGALE along with its AI....Kelsi.

Special guest GM and co-author of the Transit RPG Seamus Conneely joins us! Follow him on twitter @RGM79Ace

More info on the transit RPG at:

November 25, 2021

Cranksgiving 2: Family Justice

Someone has stolen the cranks.

Nenna and Rezi are going to get them back.

Happy Cranksgiving!

November 19, 2021


A young Chadra Fan podracer stretches out into...wait, haven't we done this already?

Chance Pickens is BACK! And this time, he FIGHTS FOR THE FUTURE!

Special guest supotsu no sensei Nick Watanabe joins us in a discussion about the 9 episode series STAR WARS VISIONS! It's an extremely informative and fascinating episode!

It's so sugoi. Dai sugoi, even. So sugoi that your seishin will bakuhatsu the moment the oto of our koe hits your mimi, desu yo ne?

We answer your questions and we announce SEASON 4!

Leslie's here again.

The Last Train Home.

Thanks to Leslie. @LeslitGS on Twitter.

It's the finale! K'az, Maharo III, Joza, and Kith head to confront Damoril once and for all!...yes, Kith. Kith's been there the whole time.

Special thanks to Leslie. Twitter: @LeslitGS

There's a new audiodrama!

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