A surprise guest comes with surprising characters in this special prologue to season 3.

In this prologue to season 3, we go back two years before the first episode of SILHOUETTE ZERO, and see two people we haven't seen in a while...


Please don't share this with Matt. He doesn't want to know what happened. 

Chris plays a modified version of the GENESYS system using the FATE ACCELERATED Approaches with Alex, his co-host for his new podcast NO DIGNITY, a discussion show about the anime and manga series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. 

Check out that show at anchor.fm/nodignity 

Twitter: @NoDignityPod

IG: no_dignity_podcast 



The thrilling conclusion of our 90s adventure playing Feng Shui 2!

Chance and Mei continue their pursuit to rescue Jennifer!

Also, how many 90s music references can you name?

We head back to the 90s in this martial arts adventure with hero CHANCE PICKINS. 

My wife bet me I wouldn't upload this.

I guess I win!

We play Investigation DARK. You can get a copy at silzeropodcast.com

Chris and Matt answer your questions for Season 2, and talk about what's going to happen in Season 3! Thanks for listening everyone and sticking with us! We hope you'll enjoy the next season. 

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It's time to take out a Death Star. 

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