It's the finale! K'az, Maharo III, Joza, and Kith head to confront Damoril once and for all!...yes, Kith. Kith's been there the whole time.

Special thanks to Leslie. Twitter: @LeslitGS

There's a new audiodrama!

Tazi, Jinko, and Marina rescue Nenna and Rezi. It doesn't go smoothly.


The assault against Damoril begins! Click leads Ghost Squadron in a perilous space battle to make way for the Fuser Hunters! Rush is there, too.

Click, K'az and the crew prepare to launch a final attack to get Kaya back once and for all.

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Nenna and Rezi try to help from their hidden position on the enemy Star Destroyer. THE HUNT!

After picking up K'az, Maharo III, and Joza, Click gets a call from home - and Jinko ends up in a showdown with a Fuser.

K'az, Maharo III, and Joza enter the temple.

K'az, Joza, and Maharo III try to solve the mystery of Argo and Yavin IV and make some new friends along the way.


Well. "Friends."

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Normal episode to resume June 3, 2021! You know, barring death, destruction, disease, devastation or...I dunno, power outages?

Click, Jinko, and Coby head down to the Imperial Base on Myrkr to finalize a deal.

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