Percy and Crumpet head off on their next lead. To the skies!

Let the show begin!

Percival Q. Stalwart prepares to mastermind the first heist! Crumpet builds bombs.

Percy and Crumpet's investigation takes them to the Countess's outer circle. Literally.

Percy and Crumpet follow a lead to see if they can find the mysterious thief "Blackbird."

They also get some snacks.

March 10, 2022

Li’l Update

Just an explanation on what's been going on. I'm fine, though!

Percy and Crumpet begin their investigation into the Countess Minuette Largo, and descend into the underworld of Bolontrop City.

February 13, 2022

The 9 Heists: Jaharl

Retreating from the falling Heliolathe, Percy and Crumpet return home to find out why they have ghost pets, and who the mysterious force bonded to Crumpet is.

January 28, 2022

The 9 Heists: Heliolathe

High above the skies of Bolontrop City, in the Empire of Bartona, the Heliolathe spins. It is the epitome of mankind's achievement. what are Percy and Crumpet doing there?

Cygnus and Kelsi figure out the source of the Euclidianizing.

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