Click finally finds Argo. 

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Click continues to search Canto Bight for Argo.


Click and the crew have a lead on ARGO BETATRIX, the Selonian spy that betrayed them and the Rebel Alliance. Getting into their swankiest clothes and putting on their haughtiest of airs, the SPICE WOLF heads to CANTO BIGHT to infiltrate a gathering of shipbuilders.

But why is Argo working with a shipbuilder? And will they be able to bring her in and save the galaxy?

Find out on Episode 24: For Mandalore and all that 

Our final episode for the Goldilocks interlude. Enjoy! 

What do you do when a 3-ton robot wants to follow you home? 


Part 2 of our Holiday Interlude. Yeah, I know the holidays are over.

A disgraced magician and a Brooklyn cabbie go to save the spirit of Christmas from the Krampus. 

First episode in an experimental mini-series where I create a story using TALES FROM THE LOOP as a baseline. Please tell me what you think of it @SilZeroChris @ingdaydreams on Twitter or 

November 13, 2018

Rebellion Episode 22: Vockar


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