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Click successfully locates the rest of his crew at MAHARO'S DIM SUM AND GAMBLING HOUSE, and quickly comes up with a plan. Maharo will help them gain access to the mysterious planet GAND, while Click continues to protect the DRALL SCIENTISTS aboard the SPICE WOLF.

The crew then heads to DANTOOINE, the help their old friend JEDI MASTER ZECK. Zeck agrees to fight the Gand Inquisitor VOCKAR in exchange for Click's help killing the inquisitor on Dantooine. But tensions run high as the Jedi children confront their master, feeling lost and abandoned.

Will light prevail? Or is the dark side too powerful?

Join us as we find out in Episode 19: DUEL OF THE LAKE




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While CLICK tries to figure out how to put a Star Destroyer sticker on his helmet, he speeds across the galaxy to the RENDEZVOUS POINT - a secret location that he and the crew have set aside to flee in case of emergencies.

The immediate threats are taken care of, but there's still work to be done. Is Reyna on the planet Gand? Why did Argo betray them? And what help does Jedi Master Zeck need on Dantooine?

Join us as we find out in Episode 18: DISCOVERIES ON DANTOOINE



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Betrayal! Former Alliance Captain ARGO BETTATRIX has alerted the Empire to the location of the FIFTH FLEET. An Imperial Star Destroyer is now on the scene, and danger is imminent! And just when Click and the crew finally had a solid lead on REYNA'S location.

The rebels are preparing for battle, but what role will the crew of the Spice Wolf play? Can they rescue the Jedi Children and the Drall? Do they have enough pilots for all of their ships?

Find out, in Episode 17: Cocktail of Ambition




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TAZI is fed up with waiting for the REBEL ALLIANCE to give them information about the missing CAPTAIN REYNA, so she's taken things into her own hands using the most dangerous skill of all: DATA ANALYSIS! Combined with knowledge obtained from Click's last conversation with Reyna, the CREW OF THE SPICE WOLF are now on the lookout for a SECOND DEATH STAR.

However, their search brings them to a never before seen SUPER STAR DESTROYER. Can they get the valuable blueprints to this starship and get out? Or will this be a one-way trip to an Imperial prison colony?

Find out, in Episode 16: To the two greatest pilots in the Galaxy.




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CLICK and the crew of the Spice Wolf are working on recovering their Smuggling Ship THE SMUGGLER'S ACE from Mani - pirate captain and Jinko's ex-partner in crime and love. Click has gathered a group of ruffians who also want to get back at Mani in hopes to join them together in their common enemy.

However, CAPTAIN ARGO BETTATRIX has already infiltrated the Smuggler's Ace and killed Mani, and lost Click's crewmate in the process. Will Click discover the truth behind Mani's disappearance? How will Jinko react? And what will the group of ruffians do when there's no chance of revenge?

Find out, in Episode 15: Sometimes Things Go Easy


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Let's hunt Vampires.


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